Rwanda IECMS is Enriched with End-to-end Online Payment System

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019 the Judiciary of Rwanda announced the launching of the online payment module of Rwanda IECMS (Integrated Electronic Case Management System) implemented by Synergy International Systems. The online payment was rendered possible through the integration of Rwanda IECMS and IREMBO.

The newly launched module will enable litigants and other stakeholders to benefit from online payment system to pay for court services, thus contributing to the increase in the efficiency of the delivery of digital justice in the country.

The online payment system covers all legal processes from making a deposit for filing a case to paying for case copies and other court fees, as well as viewing all rendered payments. The payment modules not only enables the online payment via various credit cards, but also supports mobile and other offline payment modes.

“Now [litigants] pay, file, track, update, receive feedback on [their] case, correspond with the court and [their] litigation opponent, in all courts, from [anywhere] connected on the globe, all online,” commented the Mr. Busingye Johnston, the Rwandan Minister of Justice on Twitter, right after the launch of the online system.

Since 2014, Synergy International Systems has been the technology partner developing and implementing Rwanda IECMS, the award-winning digital platform that automates and modernizes the country’s entire justice sector.