Synergy Grant Management System

Synergy Grant Management System (GMS) is designed to help grantmakers and grantees to manage their portfolio of grants,
track the progress of individual grants and measure the social impact of their work. Organizations can administer the life cycle
of grant-making, from evaluating applications and selecting the grantees to tracking the implementation and monitoring
of grant compliance with budgets and performance goals. The grantee gains the opportunity to apply for grants online,
manage the implementation and report progress and results achieved. Using the GMS on both ends of the grant management
process leads to improved information and time management, better compliance and greater accountability.

Synergy Grant Management System

Grant Planning

Both grantmakers and grantees can manage grant preparation activities using Synergy GMS.  Synergy GMS provides a built-in workflow designer that simplifies grant workflow management and approval processes.

Using Synergy GMS, grantmakers can manage the entire award process, from publishing grant opportunities to evaluating and awarding applications. Grantees, on the other hand, can streamline the grant planning process, including preparing of grant application and submission to grantmakers.

Grant Administration

Synergy GMS helps organizations gain visibility across all grant activities.
Organizations can support capturing, tracking, and analysis of the project performance and budget data associated with grants.

With Synergy GMS, grantmakers can track financial flows, ranging from high-level financial data, such as program and project costs, to more detailed information related to payment schedules or activity-level costs and expenditures. Grantees can monitor disbursements towards grant implementation and report back to grantmakers.

Grant Performance Analysis

Synergy GMS helps grantees and grantmakers not only with planning and budgeting of grant programs, but also with reporting results to donors and other relevant stakeholders. The system enables to collect and process data on the performance and progress of various grants, and advise all stakeholders on program and grant implementation, using customizable management dashboards, advanced visualizations, and state-of-the-art reporting.

Synergy GMS further allows grantmakers and grantees to monitor and evaluate grant performance through the use of key performance indicators or results frameworks. At a higher level grant-makers can measure their organizational impact by aggregating grantee results and tracking the achievement of portfolio-wide strategic objectives.