Uzbekistan Government To Monitor All Its Investment Projects With Synergy’s Solution Anna Sargsyan April 27, 2016

Uzbekistan Government To Monitor All Its Investment Projects With Synergy’s Solution

Vienna, Virginia, USA, 27 April, 2016 – In the scope of financial and public administration reforms, the Government of Uzbekistan aims at improving and strengthening the management and monitoring of internationally funded projects. The Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investment, and Trade (MFERIT), the Government’s agency responsible for the formation and monitoring of foreign investments, needed a centralized system to monitor the performance of investment projects funded by the International Financial Institutions (IFI).

To this end, with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Government has selected Synergy International Systems to develop the Project Management Information System and Monitoring Application Software (PMIS).

PMIS will replace the existing monitoring tools and will serve as a common platform across various ministries and organizations for a comprehensive, real-time picture of the development assistance landscape in the country.

The newly developed PMIS will be used to support the Government in all aspects of investment projects’ execution, management, monitoring and evaluation. In the future, the system will also be supplemented with the entirety of records on completed projects that have been implemented since the date of Uzbekistan’s independence (September 1991). It is expected that the system will be available online to all donors/financiers and other stakeholders involved in the process. It will also enhance staff capacity in project management in accordance with ADB and other IFI’s procedures and best international practices.

Synergy was awarded the project through a competitive international bidding by the Asian Development Bank.