USAID Performance Management Plan For Lebanon Anna Sargsyan November 6, 2010

USAID Performance Management Plan For Lebanon

As a subcontractor to Social Impact on the Performance Management Plan project for the USAID Mission in Lebanon, Synergy will develop the Mission’s Web-based Monitoring and Evaluation Management Information System (MIS/GIS). This application will serve as the single, integrated tool for performance monitoring and reporting of US Government activities and projects in Lebanon. It will gather data from USAID implementing partners and perform analysis on indicators and activities for all stakeholders, including management, technical and support staff. The MIS/GIS will allow users to track project based information such as indicator baselines, targets, and outputs for the purpose of conducting performance driven reviews. This will allow for corrective action to be taken when gaps or overlaps are identified.

Synergy’s experience with M&E information systems for USAID includes a similar M&E MIS/GIS for the USAID Mission in Yemen, and a multi-country, multi-stakeholder data collection and reporting tool for the Global Food Security Response (GFSR) initiative.

Synergy will use this knowledge of USAID reporting requirements, its implementation experience in the developing world, and its flexible, rapidly produced software to perform the following functions:

  • Study Existing USAID M&E applications
  • On-the ground Needs Assessment
  • Development and Maintenance of MIS/GIS
  • Capacity Building
  • Implementation Support

The MIS/GIS component of the PMPL project will begin with a Synergy mission to Lebanon in January 2011. Although the project will not conclude until 2014, the MIS/GIS implementation is expected to take place early in the project.