Synergy Trainings For Iraq And Somalia Anna Sargsyan December 9, 2010

Synergy Trainings For Iraq And Somalia

In keeping with Synergy’s focus on training as a means of ensuring user satisfaction and system sustainability, our expert trainers have carried out several intensive training programs in the closing months of 2010. In December, Synergy conducted an E-Governance Web Portal Training Workshop in Amman, Jordan, for Iraqi government officials. The E-Governance Web Portal is an essential building block for the Government of Iraq in providing public service content to the Iraqi people in both the immediate and long term. In establishing a platform that connects the government and the citizenry, the portal facilitates increased public awareness of and participation in government decision-making processes.

The Amman sessions were active and intensive, with participants from the ministries of Science & Technology, Communications, Health and Interior, as well as officials from the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Council of Ministers Secretariat. Training sessions worked through the portal’s content management, collaboration, and administration tools. On the whole, the Iraqi delegation was enthusiastic and satisfied with the sessions, which were conducted in Arabic and English.

In a training conducted in Kampala, Uganda, in late November, Somali government officials participated in an interactive workshop on the newly implemented DAD Somalia. In addition to discussing the conceptual role of the Development Assistance Database in promoting alignment, harmonization, transparency, and effective management for results, our trainers worked with the participants on the latest DAD technology, including new online data entry, monitoring and evaluation, analytics and reporting, and system administration.

Training serves a dual purpose in the implementation of our management information systems (MIS/GIS). In training end-users on how to use our software applications and leading discussions on the role that these systems can play in promoting effective governance, we also endeavor to elicit their feedback. Client feedback is invaluable in allowing us to fine-tune the solutions continuously and rapidly in line with their needs. More broadly, such feedback helps us refine our technology so that it continues to be innovative and user-friendly.