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Synergy to Develop Social Services Management Information System for Trinidad & Tobago

  • October 3, 2021

Synergy International Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the start of the implementation of social services management information system (SSMIS) for the Ministry of Social Development and Family services in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has launched number of social assistance programs and grants aimed to reduce poverty of its citizens by providing social assistance and services to most vulnerable people.

In July 2020, Fujitsu Caribbean (Trinidad) Limited and Synergy International Systems as a consortium member were awarded the contract by the National Information and Communication Technology Company Limited on behalf of the  Ministry of Social Development and Family services (MSDFS) to implement Social Services Management Information System (SSMIS).

social protection system in Trinidad & Tobago

Similar to other relevant MIS and Payment System solutions created by Synergy, the SSMIS will assist the Ministry in effectively managing information on beneficiaries of social protection programs, generating transfer payments and distribution of assistance to the beneficiaries, as well as monitoring processes and outcomes to identify key operational challenges and success factors for better decision making.

The new SSMIS is intended to replace the existing systems and databases functioning in the MSDFS by providing the unified platforms for all social programs and related activities, from intake of the beneficiaries, throughout the approval of the applications and social payments, payment reconciliation and capturing follow-up site visit information and reports.

It is planned that the new system will streamline and automate the current processes within the MSDFS, allowing to minimize the delays in data collection and processing.