Synergy To Develop Rwanda’s International NGO Database Anna Sargsyan August 4, 2014

Synergy To Develop Rwanda’s International NGO Database

Vienna, Virginia, USA – 04 August, 2014 – Rwanda’s process for coordinating the many international NGOs working in the country is about to get a major overhaul. Rwanda’s Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE) has engaged Synergy International Systems, Inc., a leading Washington, D.C. area software firm, to develop an Integrated INGO Database in order to better manage efforts to fight poverty and foster socioeconomic development.

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The INGO Database, based on Synergy’s IDM™ platform, will enable DGIE to manage critical data on INGO projects in the country and also automate key areas of its interaction with INGOs. With a more complete picture of NGO activities and results around the country, DGIE will be able to identify gaps and overlaps in INGO efforts and improve the effectiveness of projects. This marks Synergy’s second project in Rwanda, alongside the Development Assistance Database (DAD) Rwanda operated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MINECOFIN), supported by UNDP. DAD Rwanda  is now recognized as an example of global best practices in how governments can use the DAD software product to set their development agenda, and promote transparency and accountability in international development efforts.