Synergy To Develop Monitoring And Evaluation Clearinghouse For USAID Somalia Anna Sargsyan May 14, 2011

Synergy To Develop Monitoring And Evaluation Clearinghouse For USAID Somalia

In April 2011, the partnership of IBTCI and Synergy was awarded a contract for the USAID Somalia Monitoring and Evaluation Project (SMEP) under the USAID Evaluation IQC (Indefinite Quantity Contract). The primary objective of the SMEP is to provide on-the-ground performance monitoring, reporting and evaluation of USAID activities. Synergy will provide the Mission with a comprehensive, Web-based M&E Clearinghouse to track project achievements against overall stabilization goals through a variety of tools for online data collection, analysis, and reporting. This will allow USAID/Somalia to manage its project portfolio, analyze program level geographic and sectoral impacts, and make informed decisions about program management.

Synergy completed an initial needs assessment from 7-20 July 2011. With the information gathered from Mission staff and implementing partners (IPs), Synergy will design and develop the M&E system, which will enable all IPs to report data directly into the online system. The system will include a GIS module for tracking activity locations, funding commitments and disbursements, project status updates and geographic and sectoral outputs. It will also track progress toward Assistance Objectives and outcomes at the Intermediate Result (IR) level, and will help USAID consolidate data to produce quarterly and annual reports.

This five year program is valued at approximately $5-6 million.