Synergy To Develop Integrated Management Information System For The Government Of Sudan Anna Sargsyan December 7, 2017

Synergy To Develop Integrated Management Information System For The Government Of Sudan

Vienna, Virginia, USA, 7 December, 2017 – Ministry of Social Security and Development (MoSSD) of Sudan will soon manage its Social Cash Transfer Program via centralized Integrated Management Information System.

Because of the dispersed information, non-sufficient data sharing across the involved Agencies, MoSSD was facing serious challenges in keeping an oversight on Social Support Cash Transfer Program as well as monitoring the progress of the Program.

MoSSD decided to put in place a software solution to address those difficulties and improve the management of the Program.

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The envisioned MIS system will automate the business processes of Social Support Cash Transfer Program, improve the consistency and integrity of the data at various administrative levels and make the relevant and accurate data easily available to MoSSD. The solution will enable effective application registration, improved targeting, enrolment and eligibility scoring, streamlined processes of beneficiary application management, automated calculation and effective cash transfers, tracking of cases (complaints and claims and grievances) as well as integrated monitoring and evaluation of the Program.

Synergy will leverage its off-the-shelf software platform – Social Protection Information System (Auxilium) specifically designed to automate and track all phases of social assistance programs on a single platform.

Synergy was awarded the project through an international competitive bidding organized by Government of Sudan and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).