Synergy Indicata’s Fourth Year in Gartner’s Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management Software Anna Sargsyan December 28, 2018

Synergy Indicata’s Fourth Year in Gartner’s Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management Software

For the fourth year in a row, Gartner lists Synergy Indicata Monitoring & Evaluation Software in the 2018 Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management (SEM) Software as a representative vendor.

Over the past year, Gartner, the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, tracked the strategy execution market. 18 companies – the best in providing strategy execution and M&E software to clients worldwide – were selected to be included in its 2018 Market Guide as representative vendors for SEM.

Gartner’s Market Guide analyses the global SEM market and selects companies that best cater to the needs of emerging digitized strategy-to-execution management. This means providing frameworks and tools that ensure a more fluid and continuous communication between enterprise portfolio management offices and business strategists and an active engagement between higher-level executives and those involved in the day-to-day strategy execution. According to Gartner, these SEM tools will support the transformation of complex adaptive systems, implement end-to-end investment management, and design processes that capture information as a part of working with the system.

With its complete suite of features, Synergy Indicata covers well beyond Gartner’s criteria of effective Strategy Execution Management. The software provides a set of tools and practices that offer multidirectional communication, dynamic portfolio and program management, and enables investment portfolio modelling and evidence-based decision making. Moreover, Synergy Indicata offers tool-kits to link between strategies, metrics, and resources.

Ashot Hovhanesian, CEO of Synergy International Systems, said: “At Synergy we remain committed to providing our customers a future-ready SEM software that continually improves impact-driven strategy execution. To do so, we focus our efforts on R&D in evolving strategy execution into a smarter execution”.

The fact that Gartner lists Synergy Indicata in its Market Guide for SEM is an indicator that Synergy is constantly advancing its technologies for the advancement of global strategy execution management.