Synergy Helps Further Strengthen Capacity and Knowledge of Social Services Representatives in the Bahamas Anna Sargsyan January 15, 2021

Synergy Helps Further Strengthen Capacity and Knowledge of Social Services Representatives in the Bahamas

Synergy International Systems, Inc. and the Department of Social Services of the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development (MoSSUD) of the Bahamas organized capacity-building sessions for local social workers to use Synergy’s ProMIS solution (Social Protection Information System) for delivering social assistance to the beneficiaries. The training was conducted by Project Managers Ms Lia Harutyunyan and Ms Diana Gurzadyan and was attended by more than 50 participants from MoSSUD.
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The five-day online training session for MoSSUD social services representatives of the Bahamas explored the capabilities of the Social Protection MIS (ProMIS) and effective practices in quality social service delivery through the automated management information system.

In his welcome speech, Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, The Hon. Frankie A. Campbell said:

“I am satisfied and I assure you that no matter how advanced we become technology-wise, the role of a social worker will not change. We will introduce technology that will free up and enable social workers to do what they have been trained to do. Our objective is to go from a 100% paper-operated business to a 100% paperless-operated business. ProMIS is a double-edge software. It is going to relieve you from paper shuffling to enable you to do your work as social workers. ProMIS is also going to keep you honest.”

ProMIS is a web-based information management system that aims to provide social workers with the tools to organize, evaluate and efficiently manage clients of the Department of Social Services within their portfolios, eventually leading to an increased effectiveness of the Ministry’s daily operations.

Synergy started the implementation of ProMIS for MoSSUD of the Bahamas in 2016. In 2020, the system expanded to cover 13 social assistance programmes, including COVID-19 assistance food programme. It also automates processes such as targeting, enrolment, payment, case management, and appeals. The system is equipped with a crisis response module to provide food coupon assistance in case of an emergency and disaster, as well as advanced tools for reporting and analysis. The web portal is implemented for the beneficiaries to apply for social services online, without the need to visit social centres. The same portal can be used to track the application status, collect food coupons and submit complaints.