Synergy CMS to Support the DC Office of Human Rights Anna Sargsyan December 8, 2016

Synergy CMS to Support the DC Office of Human Rights

Washington, D.C. – November 18, 2016 – Earlier this week, Synergy was awarded a contract with the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights to provide an electronic Case Management System for the registration and processing of cases related to human rights violations. The Office of Human Rights (OHR) provides enforcement of local and federal human rights laws, such as the DC Human Rights Act.

The OHR provides a legal process through which those who believe they have been discriminated against can seek justice. The OHR was established to eradicate discrimination, increase equal opportunity and protect human rights for both residents and visitors to the District of Columbia. Judges within the OHR investigate and resolve complaints of unlawful discrimination in employment (in both the private and public sector), education, or housing.

The CMS will support the OHR with online complaint registration and e-filing. The Case Management System will be designed using the Synergy eCase platform, with customized case registration forms, and configurable workflows and user access permissions. Through a public user interface, registrants can access their cases to view the status and receive automated updates and notification directly to their email.

The CMS will support and streamline existing business processes and ultimately enhance the efficiency of OHR in accomplishing its mission.