Judiciary Of Uganda Commissions The Electronic Court Case Management Information System Anna Sargsyan November 9, 2021

Judiciary Of Uganda Commissions The Electronic Court Case Management Information System

In October 2021, the Judiciary of Uganda officially commissioned the Electronic Court Case Management Information System (EECMIS), a solution built from Synergy’s eCase product.

From 2019-2021, Synergy has been working to design, develop, and roll-out the system in close collaboration with the Judiciary. The system digitizes all aspects of case management, starting at registration, proceeding through case assignment, hearing, and judgement, and provides a full suite of analytical features and online auction.

Synergy’s Vice President Adam Watson attended the launch of the EECMIS. The system will also reduce contact between the litigating public and court staff, thus supporting an independent judiciary and justice sector.  Starting in early 2022, the system will be piloted in 18 courts around the country including the Magistrates Court, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo hosted the official commissioning of the EECMIS and said at the launch event:


“This (ECCMIS) will definitely provide a major building block to another e-government service in Uganda and particularly to the administration of the justice sector and will go a long way in enhancing the delivery of justice and addressing the challenges of case backlog.”

Synergy and local partner Sybyl Limited are providing ongoing training services to support the Judiciary of Uganda during the system roll-out. The EECMIS is under a technical support contract through 2025. For more information about Synergy eCase and its impact, please read: Onli ne Access to Justice: How Rwanda Uses Digital Tools to Mitigate Covid-19 Challenges