In Yemen, The Fourth DAD In The Middle East Anna Sargsyan May 23, 2009

In Yemen, The Fourth DAD In The Middle East

Synergy is proud to announce that it is developing a DAD for Yemen, in close partnership with UNDP and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. DAD Yemen will be the fourth DAD implementation in the Middle East (after DAD Iraq, DAD Lebanon, and DAD Kurdistan), and will join the ranks of more than twenty DAD systems that are operational in various countries around the world.

Immediately after signing the contract, a Synergy consultant traveled to Sana’a for a targeted one-week mission to work closely with Yemeni colleagues to define the Ministry’s specific requirements for the DAD. The latter task was particularly important for customizing the system to the needs of its users. For even though all DADs share certain core features and capabilities, the system is customizable and adaptive in the sense that it can be fully tailored to any given country or institutional context.

DAD Yemen will be fully bilingual, available in Arabic and English, and will offer several unique and noteworthy features, especially in terms of the type of data that the system will track and make available for analysis and reporting. In addition to capturing aggregate financial figures per project (such as commitments, disbursements, and expenditures), the system will also offer a breakdown of financial information into a number of key categories, thus allowing users to perform more meaningful, targeted analyses of how aid money is being spent. Moreover, it will have a robust and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) component, which will track project-level key performance indicators (KPIs) and the Paris Declaration Aid Effectiveness indicators.

DAD Yemen is expected to be launched in late Summer 2009, and will be managed by the Aid Harmonization and Alignment (AHA) Unit of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.