Comoros Begins Tracking Foreign Aid Online Anna Sargsyan April 5, 2013

Comoros Begins Tracking Foreign Aid Online

The development journey of Comoros has not been easy. Formally known as the Union of Comoros, this predominantly Muslim nation of four main islands has endured decades of political instability following its independence from French colonial power in 1975. Located at the northern mouth of the Mozambique Channel between Tanzania and Madagascar, Comoros is regularly exposed to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions and flash floods. Also, most of its food and fuel must be imported.

With approximately 45 percent of its population living below the poverty line, Comoros is now beginning to systematically track its foreign assistance funds via the Development Assistance Database (DAD). The DAD Comoros officially launched 19 March, 2013 with funding from UNDP and the European Union.

DAD Comoros empowers the General Planning Commission of Comoros to track and analyze aid information from donors, ministries, and civil society organizations on Synergy’s integrated aid management information system. Ultimately, Comoros hopes to prepare the nation’s first foreign aid report in 2013.

The General Planning Commission of Comoros discovered the capabilities of the DAD during the DAD Community of Practice conference at Synergy’s Global Learning Center in 2011. Together with participants from around the world, they learned how DAD systems were implemented in other countries to manage aid information and progress toward national development goals.

“Despite facing many development challenges, Comoros shows not only a strong capacity to absorb knowledge, but also initiative in making aid data reporting a systematic endeavor,” remarks Synergy Project Manager, Rudolph Saint Jean.