Zimbabwe Launches The Integrated Electronic Case Management System Anna Sargsyan May 12, 2022

Zimbabwe Launches The Integrated Electronic Case Management System

On May 6, 2022, Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa officially commissioned and launched the newly Integrated Electronic Case Management System (ZimIECMS), a solution built from Synergy’s eCase product for Zimbabwe. This historic event has pathed the way for Zimbabwe to take a step into the future. Synergy has been working closely with the Judicial Service Commission of Zimbabwe to roll out the system, with various agencies eagerly awaiting this launch. The Synergy team was honored to be present at the inauguration ceremony.
ZimIECMS team

Back in 2021, Chief Justice of Zimbabwe Luke Malaba who had led the Zimbabwean delegation to Armenia said this was “transforming the court system and radically moving Zimbabwe forward with digitalization and electronically filed cases.”

This outlook has been realized with a software solution that integrates the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Commercial Court, High Court, Labor Court, Administrative Court, Magistrates Court, Master of High Court and Sheriff of the High Court under a united structure, all interconnected with Synergy’s software. The solution helps automate and track the entire case lifecycle, from initial filing through to disposition and appeal.

ZimIECMS launch

“I commend Synergy on their professionalism and dedication to the success of this project” said Chief Justice Malaba during his speech on the launch day.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa also drew attention to the importance of the event in his speech, saying, “this is a significant development for our nation. […] the system must enhance transparency and accountability by bringing to an end the era where court files and documents would disappear because of corruption.”

Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, CEO of Synergy International Systems, Inc. has been clear in his view “it’s time for more organizations and governments to take the initiative on transformational projects that can make a lasting impact on the communities they serve,” adding that “we will keep delivering intelligent solutions to support their efforts.”