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USAID Feed the Future Monitoring System

Enabling indicator tracking, performance reporting and results-based monitoring and evaluation

Control Module of the National Forest and Wildlife Information System

Tracking the entire chain of custody of tree species from Peru’s forests from the point of harvest all the way to export.

Development Assistance Database for Rwanda

Tracking and managing aid funds and development results across all major donors and NGOs in Rwanda.

Bangladesh Water and Sanitation Sector Open Data Monitoring Platform

Providing real-time open data coordination mechanisms for the Government of Bangaldesh

Social Assistance MIS for Timor-Leste

Supporting the administration of government social safety net programs in Timor Leste.

Connecting all institutions belonging to the Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector in Rwanda.

Iraq Development Management System

Enabling planning, budgeting and results tracking of Government and donor-funded projects in Iraq

Streamlining Afghanistan’s budget preparation, review, execution and monitoring processes.

Kenya Electronic Project Management Information System

Monitoring the performance and implementation of all development projects and programs in Kenya.

“An executive can see, visually, what is happening throughout the country… This is what I want to see every morning when I get in.”

Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Lesotho

“The system enables us to provide accountability for our work. We were excited to develop this system with our partners at Synergy…”

USAID Bureau for Food Security

“The RMS has proven and indispensable operational tool for the management of the UNDAP planning, review and reporting system.”

Resident Coordinator’s Office, UN Tanzania