Gartner selects Synergy software in its 2015 Market Guide for Enterprise PPM software

Gartner selects Synergy software in its 2015 Market Guide for Enterprise PPM software

Vienna, VA, December 4, 2015Gartner, the leading IT market research firm, has included Synergy International Systems as a representative vendor in its 2015 Market Guide for Enterprise Program and Portfolio Management (EPPM) Software.

Gartner defined the nascent EPPM market in 2014 when it identified an emerging yet pivotal shift from project-focused software tools to strategy-centric enterprise-wide solutions.  Traditional Project Portfolio Management tools are typically designed to help plan IT-specific projects and track the completion of routine tasks. And organizations are struggling to force-fit their current PPM or corporate performance management tools to perform strategy execution functions.

Gartner discerned the need for a new breed of solutions that can support an organization’s efforts to unify projects, resources, and operations within a cohesive, adaptive strategy-based framework.

Gartner states in the Market Guide that: “Creating strategic change requires agility, responsiveness and unimpeded multidirectional communication. Classic PPM software, by design, is simply too hierarchical, and organizations are rapidly finding that they need a new suite of lighter weight, more-adaptive tools to help get the job done.”

Gartner categorizes this emerging market into three broad and interconnected focus areas: Strategic decision-making, Multi-level consolidated reporting and dashboards, and Enterprise portfolio management.

Synergy has been a pioneer of the EPPM notion, driven by a vision to deliver software that fuels the successful execution of an organization’s strategy and helps enterprises “do the right things right”. Synergy’s EPPM solution, Synergy Indicata, provides organizations with an end-to-end platform for strategic planning, program formulation and performance monitoring.