About the Project

Country: Global
Sector: Agriculture and Food Security
Solution: Feed the Future Monitoring System (FTFMS) for the U.S. Government

Feed the Future (FTF) is the U.S. Government’s inter-agency, multi-year, multi-billion dollar initiative for fighting global hunger and food insecurity across 19 Focus Countries. Synergy designed and developed FTFMS – FTF’s global web-based monitoring and evaluation system for indicator tracking, performance reporting, results-based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and strategy execution.

The Challenge
  • FTF’s MS-Excel reporting required burdensome manual data collection.
  • Reporting prone to human error, data discrepancies and delays.
  • M&E process poorly aligned with USAID M&E standards.
The Solution
  • A single web-based performance management platform.
  • Collects and compiles M&E data globally.
  • Easy-to-use data analysis, visualization and reporting toolkit.
  • Improves strategy execution.
The Results
  • Launched in 2012, FTFMS contains data from >600 users across 7 US agencies, 2000 FTF activities,100 indicators in >70 countries.
  • FTMFS data formed the basis for USAID’s 2012 and 2013 FTF Progress Reports.
  • USAID has publicly recognized the quality of FTFMS.