About the Project

Country: Iraq
Sector: Public Finance, Development Effectiveness
Solution: Iraq Development Management System (IDMS) for the Ministry of Planning

The Iraq Development Management System (IDMS) is the Iraqi government’s web-based system for managing the entire cycle of government- and donor-funded development projects.

The government, led by the Ministry of Planning, will use IDMS to manage its $25 billion public investment budget for the coming year. The system is available in Arabic and English, and it is also publicly accessible. IDMS was developed in partnership with UNDP, USAID, the EU, and UNOPS.

The Challenge
  • Limited plannning and monitoring of public investment projects.
  • Foreign aid poorly aligned with Iraq’s public investment budget.
  • Weak management oversight and lack of information causing project delays, waste, and duplication of efforts.
The Solution
  • Automates submission of new project proposals, annual and monthly budget preparation.
  • Advanced performance tracking, analysis, and reporting features.
  • Bi-lingual system (English and Arabic) with online portal for public engagement.
  • Data exchange with Kurdistan Development Management System (KDMS).
The Results
  • Officially launched in June 2016, IDMS will support the management of Iraq’s $25 billion public investment budget.
  • Users include staff of the Ministry of Planning, line ministries, governorates, and development partners.
  • Provides policy-makers with complete picture of government- and donor-funded development projects.