About the Project

Country: Peru
Sector: Environment
Solution: Control Module of the National Forest and Wildlife Information System

The Control Module of the National Information System for Forestry and Wildlife (MC-SNIFFS) is a chain of custody information system developed for the National Forest and Wildlife Service of Peru (SERFOR).

The MC-SNIFFS supports the granting and execution of forest concessions, tracking the entire chain of custody of tree species extracted from Peru’s forests from the point of harvest all the way to export. Learn more about the project success here.

The Challenge
  • Up to 80% of annual timber logging in Peru is estimated to be illegal, and forestry authorities lacked a single system to control the trafficking of illegal harvests.
  • Completely paper-based procedures for managing logging, transportation and processing of timber products limited the ability to consolidate regional and national level data.
  • The absence of a powerful, fine-grained traceability instrument inhibited the production of real-time, actionable data for decision-makers within the Peruvian Forest Authority.
The Solution
  • MC-SNIFFS empowers the forestry authorities of Peru to track the legal origin and proper chain of custody of tree species
  • The system manages forest zoning and planning, concession management, and annual harvest planning
  • MC-SNIFFS performs automated generation of annual operating plans, timber harvest balances, and transportation and export permits
  • The system monitors harvest activities through logbooks of timber in the forest and at the sawmills
  • It produces critical information to make informed decisions about concessionaires, resource allocations at checkpoints, and warranted administrative actions.
The Results
  • Launched in March 2017, MC-SNIFFS tracks timber from point of harvest through transportation, transformation, and export. It is a fully operational, Spanish language system
  • MC-SNIFFS automates the business processes of all forest management institutions involved in the timber chain-of-custody
  • MC-SNIFFS inhibits the trade of illegal species by effectively tracking the full chain of custody of forest products that are harvested from Peru’s forests
  • The system enables greater oversight, better detection, and the establishment of greater impediments to illegal logging.