Paperless Court Webinar
upcoming 28/09/2023

Paperless Court Webinar

Transforming Courtroom Efficiency: Exploring Advanced Digital Tools for Decision writing, Collaboration, Online Helpdesk and AI Support.

Live Webinar | Thursday, September 28

Join this free webinar to find out more about the latest developments of Synergy eCase (c), where we will introduce advanced digital tools for maximizing productivity and collaboration in the courtroom and empowering judicial officers.
In this webinar you will see how Synergy eCase covers different aspects and states of system management and case adjudication with its latest developments of:
  • Advanced Registration of Public Users
  • Party Merge
  • Case Transfer
  • New Calendar
  • Decision Making
  • Virtual Court
  • Online Chat/Helpdesk

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Our Speakers

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Khachatur Matevosyan


Karine Gevorgyan


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Davit Mkrtchyan


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Paperless Court: OCR, Transcription and Advanced Document Management

The technology landscape for courts has never been so unrestrained, and the pandemic made it clear that courts need to be more digitally flexible and adaptable to sustain their operations. So, how can technology assist courts in improving their digital dexterity?

The webinar examined the key functionalities of a fully virtual court, from initial filing to disposition, and discussed how courts can manage cases throughout their lifecycle minimizing the use of paper.