Paperless Court: OCR, Transcription and Advanced Document Management
available now 13/06/2022

Paperless Court: OCR, Transcription and Advanced Document Management

About the Webinar

How does advanced document management help litigants and judges? How can you conduct fully virtual sessions and transcribe them automatically? What can you benefit from the embedded OCR?

Khachatur Matevosyan (VP of eJustice), Davit Mkrtchyan (eJustice Development Manager) and Niceson Karungi (eJustice Expert) will take a closer look at the key functionalities of a fully virtual court, from initial filing to disposition, and discuss how courts can manage cases throughout their lifecycle minimizing the use of paper. The speakers will focus on the main capabilities of a fully virtual court, including:

  • Case Processing by a registrar
  • Court registry and digital tools
  • Electronic and digital signature
  • Hearings
  • Virtual hearing and transcription
  • Case processing by a judge
  • Optical character recognition
  • Online document editing and versioning
  • Reporting and analytics
  • How to maintain and modify a CMS?

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Our Speakers

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Khachatur Matevosyan

VP, eJustice

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Niceson Karungi

eJustice Expert

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Davit Mkrtchyan

eJustice Development Manager

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