Paperless Court – How It Works
available now 16/12/2021

Paperless Court – How It Works

About the Webinar

The technology landscape for courts has never been so unrestrained, and organizations are having a difficult time identifying what functionalities and features they need exactly. The pandemic made it clear that courts need to be more digitally flexible and adaptable to sustain their operations. So, how can technology assist courts in improving their digital dexterity?

Khachatur Matevosyan and Davit Mkrtchyan will take a closer look at the key functionalities of a fully virtual court, from initial filing to disposition, and discuss how courts can manage cases throughout their lifecycle minimizing the use of paper. The speakers will focus on the main capabilities of a fully virtual court, including:

• Organizing online hearings through an embedded virtual court,
• e-Filing and signing documents electronically within the system,
• e-Summoning and generation of electronic delivery receipts within the system,
• Simultaneous collaboration of multiple users on a single case,
• Enhanced online calendar for efficient time management,
• Online collaboration in scope of a case via private forums and chats.

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