Paperless Court for Administrators
upcoming 08/12/2022

Paperless Court for Administrators

How to Design, Maintain and Modify Justice Systems With Low-Code Approach

Live Webinar | Thursday, December 8

Join this free webinar to find out how administrators and system analysts in justice institutions and courts can apply Synergy eCase to design and maintain their case management system without coding.

Courts, prosecution and other justice agencies seek independence from the software vendors when acquiring case management systems. As these systems are complex in their design and require a lot of resources to administer, the imperative is to empower and elevate customers to be independent and manage these tasks on their own in a low-code format.

In this webinar you will see how paper-based operations can be transformed into digital environments that cover your institution’s needs from A to Z. You will learn how documented designs and concepts can be turned into real systems via drag-and-drop builders without a single line of code.

Discussion Topics:

  • How to transform physical documents and processes into their digital equivalent?
  • How to design and maintain working environments for staff and digital forms based on the pre-defined knowledge?
  • How to enhance the system setup with automation for notifications and collaboration rules?

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Our Speakers

Khachatur Matevosyan


Karine Gevorgyan


Davit Mkrtchyan


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