Change Management In Justice Digitalization
upcoming 05/06/2024

Change Management In Justice Digitalization

What goes into change management activities before, during and after digital transformation projects in the justice domain

Live Webinar | June 5

Join us for an insightful webinar delving into the intricacies of change management in justice digitalization projects. Whether you are a policy maker, rule of law specialist, government official, project manager, or simply curious about navigating the complexities of digital transformation in legal systems, this event is tailored for you.

We will explore the holistic journey of change management, from meticulous planning and stakeholder engagement before the project inception, to dynamic challenges in  the implementation phase, and finally, the crucial post-project evaluation and adaptation. Gain invaluable insights into the strategic activities essential for successful digitalization, and learn how to navigate the before, during, and after stages with efficacy. 

Webinar participants will equip themselves with the knowledge and strategies necessary to drive impactful change in justice systems.

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Our Speakers

Khachatur Matevosyan
Khachatur Matevosyan

Vice President, e-Justice, Synergy International Systems, Inc.

Niceson Karungi
Niceson Karungi

e-Justice Expert, Synergy International Systems, Inc.

Davit Mkrtchyan
Moderator: Davit Mkrtchyan

e-Justice Development Manager, Synergy International Systems, Inc.

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