The Basics

What sectors of international development do you work in?

We provide web-based management information system (MIS) software and related consulting services in the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Financial Management, Rule of Law, Social Protection, Development Effectiveness, Disaster Recovery, Public Education and Health. Our clients include country governments, international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private companies.

Is your software customizable for my organization?

Absolutely! We’ve successfully developed various software applications in over 55 countries because we believe in adapting our solutions to reflect your organization’s unique context and needs, not the other way around. We can add, remove and modify system features, data structures, user rights, etc. in a rapid and cost-effective manner thanks to our flexible Intelligent Data Manager (IDM) technology. To find out more, check out our Case Studies.

What is Intelligent Data Manager (IDM) and how is it related to your various products?

IDM is Synergy’s proprietary software technology platform—in other words, it’s the technological foundation that provides the core, cross-cutting data management capabilities that power our various software products. The broad range of specialized Products we are able to offer today simply wouldn’t be possible without IDM!

Can we use Synergy's software if our internet connection is weak?

Yes. Our fast and lightweight applications are designed to run smoothly even on slow internet connections. We also offer an offline version of our software for laptops and an Android Smartphone mobile app for remote data collection.

Which languages is your software available in, other than English?

We can develop software applications in any language. We’ve built systems in many languages including Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian and we’re looking forward to adding new languages to the list!

Do you work with "Open Data"?

Yes. We help our client organizations to promote transparent governance with (controlled) public access to data through their systems. We’re also working with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) to integrate the IATI XML format into the Synergy DAD platform.

Are your systems sustainable?

IDM’s highly flexible and scalable modular code, makes it easy to modify and enhance a basic system with new features as an organization’s needs change over time. To ensure full client ownership of our solutions, we provide specially tailored training programs, facilitated by experts in both software and development subject areas. The DAD Community of Practice (CoP) conference also enables our clients to share learning, spreading best practices for sustainability.

How We Work

What's the standard process that you go through in developing and delivering software applications to clients?

We use an “agile software development” method. Each project starts with a needs assessment, followed by system design, development, prototyping, review, and deployment. We provide capacity development as part of the system handover, and technical support afterwards.

How long does it usually take you to deliver a software application?

As you might expect, this depends a lot on the complexity and scope of the desired system. A simple MIS solution takes roughly 2-4 months to design, develop, and deploy while larger scale, more complex solutions typically take 6-9 months. By industry standards, we’re very quick.

How do clients generally operate your software within their organizations?

Our systems are usually centrally managed by a small dedicated team of technical staff and system admins within the client organization. Since our systems are web-based, users can access it securely from just about anywhere to carry out their work. We support our clients with tailored training programs, tutorials, user manuals, documentation and SOPs to ensure that the system becomes a seamless part of their operations.

Do you provide technical support?

Synergy provides comprehensive tech support including 24/7 web support via our Issue Tracker, with a response time of less than 24 hours to issues raised.

Nuts and Bolts

How is Synergy's software usually hosted?

We’re very flexible about application hosting – our solutions can be hosted on client-provided servers, Synergy’s servers, or via cloud hosting such as Amazon Web Services. We work with you to consider your needs, preferences, IT infrastructure and budget in deciding how best to host your system.

How many users can I have?

Our systems typically allow for an unlimited number of registered users. For some of our product lines, we offer limited user profiles as an affordable option for smaller organizations.

I have confidential official data. Can I limit user access on your systems?

Yes, you can manage access for different types of users without any programming through our simple Administrator Center interface.

How do you ensure that my data is secure?

Our systems use 128-bit or higher SSL-encryption, client IP range validation and specific environment guarantees to protect access to the data and manage communication between servers. We ensure the physical integrity of data through multiple backup data archives stored in different locations.

Can your software integrate with our existing databases?

Yes, in most cases. The majority of our operational solutions interface with external databases like institutional accounting software, FMIS databases, national ID databases, court registries, GIS systems, etc. to exchange data or validate the accuracy of information.

Do your applications integrate with GIS platforms like ArcGIS and Google Maps?

Yes, GIS features are standard in most of our systems, and can incorporate ArcGIS and Google Maps data. We also offer geo-coding and geo-referencing via a custom Mobile App for smartphones.

Are Synergy's systems compatible with different browsers?

Yes, our systems are fully cross-browser compatible, users can use our software with all the major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.

We have a lot of data, can we import it to your system?

Yes. Our data management experts will work closely with your organization to plan and execute a complete import of your relevant data to your new system.

How can we export data and analytics from your software?

Our systems export data and analytical outputs to most common file formats including Adobe PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and CSV. We’re currently working on a plugin for Synergy DAD to import/export using the IATI XML format.