DAD Contract Signed for Sierra Leone

The United Nations Development Programme in Sierra Leone has procured the DAD to implement within the Development Assistance Coordination Office (DACO) of the government of Sierra Leone. DACO has chosen the DAD to assist with providing an accurate picture of the aid landscape in Sierra Leone that will in turn assist with the development of a national Aid Policy.

The DAD’s major goals include providing data on Official Development Assistance to the public, strengthening informed decision making with up-to-date data, providing data on sectoral and regional distributions of aid, reporting on aid flows and usage, and enhancing transparency and accountability. An offline module of the DAD will be provided to facilitate DAD’s use when internet access is not available.

Synergy Partners with Booz Allen Hamilton for MCC Monitoring and Evaluation Project

The Millennium Challenge Corporation, a US Government agency that distributes foreign assistance, has announced that the partnership of Booz Allen Hamilton and Synergy International Systems has been awarded a contract for the MCC Business Intelligence and Data Store (BIDS) project. This project will use Synergy’s IDM technology as the business intelligence cornerstone of the project software. Synergy will develop Monitoring and Evaluation and project tracking systems that will be used to coordinate between MCC headquarters and the Millennium Challenge Account compact countries. The reporting done through this information system will enable MCC to provide reliable reports to Congress to track the development of MCC Compact Countries and assess the overall impact of the MCC’s objectives.


Ministry of Afghanistan Mission to Synergy Headquarters

Synergy recently hosted a delegation of representatives from the Ministry of Finance for Afghanistan for an intensive two-day mission to finalize requirements for an upgrade of the Development Assistance Database (DAD), as well as to discuss additional needs for increased capacity in budget planning. Synergy presented a prototype of its latest budgeting system, which was well received by the participants. Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, Synergy CEO, chaired a series of very productive meetings and brainstorming sessions with the team from the Ministry, which included Budgeting Managers, Sector Managers, and IT Managers. Synergy has been working closely with it’s counterparts in Kabul to finalize the implementation of the DAD 5.5.

Synergy CEO Presents at E-Asia Conference

Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, President and Founder of Synergy International Systems presented at the E-Asia Conference, organized by the Centre for Science, Development, and Media Studies, and hosted by the Ministry of Water, Energy, and Communications. Dr. Hovanesian presented on Best Practices and Lessons Learned from ICT for the Tsunami Recovery. He was also a panelist for a discussion session on emerging technologies in E-gov.

The paper Dr. Hovanesian presented, “ICT for Tsunami Recovery,” was co-authored by Mr. Aidan Cox, Regional Advisor for Aid Management with the United Nations Development Programme’s Regional Centre in Bangkok. The paper outlines the successes and lessons learned from the implementation of the Development Assistance Database for Tsunami reconstruction. The databases currently track over $7 billion of development assistance from multilateral, bilateral, and non-government donors. The paper covers critical attributes of post-disaster ICT tools, capacity development on the national level, ICTs role in improving interagency communication, conditions for sustainability, and monitoring and evaluation.

Private Sector DAD for Tsunami Relief

A new United Nations Develop Programme DAD initiative for Tsunami reconstruction has been completed. This newest DAD is known as the Private Sector DAD, and it tracks private sector company and foundation Tsunami contributions. The system is designed to provide incentives for private sector organizations to provide data by focusing on organizational profiles, rather than projects, in order to show a fuller picture of a company or foundation’s contribution to the Tsunami relief. The Private Sector DAD currently includes data on private sector contributions totaling $225 million from approximately 150 different organizations in 20 different countries.

Three new modules added to the DAD Iraq

The DAD Iraq recently received three new modules that deal with Donor Profiles, a National Budget Public Investment Program, and Country Project Activity. The Donor Profiles include donor details as well as donor pledges, which were not previously recorded. This will allow users to monitor current disbursements against initial pledges. The National Budget Public Investment Program module covers investment projects initiated and funded by the national budget.

The first stage of implementation will include the Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, and eventually the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. The Country Project Activity module presents a consolidated view of all the projects entered into the system (including aid and on-budget funding) to generate reports from a comprehensive project based perspective. From September 10-14, Synergy conducted a Training Workshop in Amman, Jordan on “Improving Aid and Development Management through the Donor Assistance Database” with participants from many government ministries attending. Several further modifications of the DAD were discussed and will be released in December 2006.

Synergy begins Webinar series on the DAD

Synergy is beginning a series of Webinars on the Development Assistance Database (DAD) for UNDP staff, government officials, and NGOs through WebEx software.

There are two upcoming Webinars for those in government and the development community in the continent of Africa. They will be held at 9 AM, EST on Wednesday, September 20th, and 9:30 AM on Thursday, September 21st. The agenda includes a live demonstration of the DAD, as well as a discussion of best practices and lessons learned from implementations of the system in 19 developing countries.

Katrina Recovery: Lessons from the Developing World

By Ashot Hovanesian, President and CEO, Synergy International Systems

As we approach the first anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita it’s natural to ask “Are we continuing to make the best progress possible in the recovery effort, and are we better prepared today to respond to and recover from these, and other, types of disasters than we were nearly a year ago?”

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Sri Lanka Deploys Housing Tracking Module in Synergy Development Assistance Database and Portal

Synergy International Systems, Inc. (Synergy), the Intelligent Data Manager(TM) company for mission-critical data collection, analysis and dissemination, today announced that the government of Sri Lanka’s Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA) has launched a new Housing Program module within its deployment of Synergy’s Development Assistance Database (DAD) and Synergy Portal. The module extends the breadth and value of the role DAD-Sri Lanka is playing in increasing visibility and accountability into how Asian Tsunami Relief funds are spent and how projects are progressing.

Read Full Synergy Press Release here

Final DAD Pakistan Launched

The Development Assistance Database for Pakistan was launched on Saturday, seven months after the earthquake that devastated the Kashmir region of the country. The DAD was developed, tested, and installed over a period of four months.

The DAD Pakistan is Synergy’s newest model with a new design and the most state-of-the-art capabilities now available to Synergy’s customers. The DAD Pakistan supports English and Urdu, and is fully integrated with Pakistan’s Loan and Grant Tracking System. This and other user friendly attributes make the DAD accessible to the public and enhance transparency and accountability to the local and international public. The DAD system also facilitates Monitoring and Evaluation by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in line with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.

The DAD is tracking nearly $9 billion worth of commitments from bilateral, multilateral and other donors.

Synergy and Horn Group Team Up for World-Class Marketing and Public Relations, Islamabad, Pakistan

Synergy International Systems and Horn Group, Inc. have formed a marketing partnership to elevate and underscore Synergy’s global success story in delivering mission-critical solutions using the Intelligent Data ManagerTH web services and business intelligence platform.

With demand growing for Synergy’s IDM-powered products such as the Development Assistance Database (DAD), Synergy Portal and Synergy Analytica, Synergy is making the commitment to executing an effective marketing communications and public relations campaign to the general and business media, technology press and industry analyst community. Synergy selected the Horn Group after an extensive search process for a PR firm that had the best mix of enterprise and web software technology experience coupled with innovative marketing and messaging capabilities.

Horn Group is an independent, full-service technology communications firm, with the mission to set the industry standard with best practices in client service and employment. The firm works with companies at all stages of growth in the supply chain, ecommerce, infrastructure, security and storage and technology services market segments. The company serves clients from its San Francisco, CA headquarters, Boston, MA, New York, NY and Washington, DC offices. Horn Group was recently voted the Best Mid-Sized Agency in 2005 in the PRSourceCode High Tech Survey. More information on Horn Group is available at