Philippines’ Department of Social Welfare and Development Staff Training for SPMIS

Vienna, Virginia, USA, 17 August 2018 – Synergy has successfully delivered the 2-week capability building activities of the Social Protection Management Information System (SPMIS) designed for the Modified Conditional Cash Transfer (MCCT) Program in Philippines. Two batches of trainings with total of 140 participants were conducted for the staff of the Philippines’ Department of Social Welfare and Development in Manila and in the field office of Cagayan de Oro.

The training sought to guide the Ministry of Welfare employees in managing the system. Synergy’s Project Manager Diana Gurzadyan conducted in-depth trainings on various aspects of the anticipated system, including beneficiary registration and tracking, eligibility scoring, reporting, and general system administration. The system is planned to be launched before the end of 2018.

Synergy was awarded the project for the development of the Modified Conditional Cash Transfer (MCCT) Program through a UNICEF competitive international bidding in January 2018. It is a sub-component of the bigger Conditional Cash Transfer Program (Pantawid Pamilyang Philipino Program). The MCCT covers families who do not qualify with Pantawid or other Programs due to the fact they do not meet the minimum requirements – (1) homeless street families (2) Indigenous People in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Area (IPs in GIDA) and (3) families needing special protection (FNSP).

Synergy CMS will soon be enhanced with features of Artificial Intelligence

The Synergy CMS team is now building and testing machine learning capabilities that will improve decision-making, optimize disposition time, and help avoid case backlogs. For instance, based on data already being collected through the system, Synergy CMS can predict the most efficient way to allocate staff resources by taking into consideration the assigned workload of each judicial officer and their past performance in handling specific types of cases. The past performance rate is calculated based on over 50 different criteria that provide a performance score which, within a statistical margin of error, can anticipate future performance.

Synergy Case Management System enables governments to improve their justice systems by automating court processes, monitoring case activities, and supporting decision-making through the use of real-time data and analytics. It also strengthens the accessibility and integrity of the justice system by enabling citizens to interface electronically with judicial bodies and services.

Synergy’s advances in machine learning and predictive analysis will continue to ensure that Synergy CMS is leading the way in advanced court automation.

Indicata in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management Software

Gartner has included Synergy’s Indicata Monitoring & Evaluation Software in its 2017 Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management (SEM) Software. Organizations around the world use Indicata to assess how well they are executing their corporate strategy based on the performance of their portfolio of programs and projects.

Gartner has been tracking the strategy execution market over the last three years and it is still in a maturing phase. In the previous market analysis, Gartner identified an emerging yet pivotal shift from project-focused software tools to strategy-centric enterprise-wide solutions. Throughout this period, organizations have also increasingly recognized that executing strategy effectively in the digital age requires a new set of tools and practices.

In the light of continuous market development, SEM market definition has also been transformed. If in the past, Gartner emphasized bidirectional communication and investment portfolio decision making and modeling, the 2017 Market Guide goes beyond these two descriptors as “organizations now strive to build strong linkage between strategies, metrics and resources, with the actual and anticipated results of plans, projects and assets to meet organizational strategies.” These evolving paradigms suggested by Gartner have progressed in line with the organizations’ readiness and capacity to juxtapose corporate strategy and day-to-day operation of the organization.

Now, when strategy is evolving in much shorter increments of time, SEM tools should be more agile to support continuous change. According to Gartner, “implementation of solid investment planning processes and clear communication channels supporting the continuous, nearly real-time decision-making process is required for successful SEM.”

According to Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, CEO of Synergy International Systems “The symbiosis of well-honed strategy, resource optimization and portfolio management has become a catalyst for successful operation of an organization. Synergy Indicata encompasses all these elements and can help organizations to drive transformation”.

This marks the third time in a row that Synergy Indicata has been listed in a Gartner Market Guide for Strategy Execution. The continuous inclusion of Synergy in Gartner’s Market Guides further indicates that Synergy keeps track of the Strategy Execution market development. The evolvement of Synergy Indicata goes hand in hand with the advancing breadth of its feature set.


Synergy to develop Integrated Management Information System for the Government of Sudan

Vienna, Virginia, USA, 7 December, 2017 – Ministry of Social Security and Development (MoSSD) of Sudan will soon manage its Social Cash Transfer Program via centralized Integrated Management Information System.

Because of the dispersed information, non-sufficient data sharing across the involved Agencies, MoSSD was facing serious challenges in keeping an oversight on Social Support Cash Transfer Program as well as monitoring the progress of the Program.

MoSSD decided to put in place a software solution to address those difficulties and improve the management of the Program.

The envisioned MIS system will automate the business processes of Social Support Cash Transfer Program, improve the consistency and integrity of the data at various administrative levels and make the relevant and accurate data easily available to MoSSD. The solution will enable effective application registration, improved targeting, enrolment and eligibility scoring, streamlined processes of beneficiary application management, automated calculation and effective cash transfers, tracking of cases (complaints and claims and grievances) as well as integrated monitoring and evaluation of the Program.

Synergy will leverage its off-the-shelf software platform – Social Protection Information System (SPIS) specifically designed to automate and track all phases of social assistance programs on a single platform.

Synergy was awarded the project through an international competitive bidding organized by Government of Sudan and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

Synergy to Develop a Monitoring Platform for the EU Facility for Refugees

Synergy has been awarded a contract by the European Commission (EC) to implement the “Online Monitoring Platform for the Facility for Refugees” for two executive agencies of EC namely the Directorate-General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) and the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) in Brussels, Belgium.

This system will support the systematic production of information to enable DG NEAR and DG ECHO to efficiently coordinate their actions and enable them to share clear and precise information with others.

The European Union Facility for Refugees was set up in 2015 in response to the European Council’s call for significant additional funding to support refugees. It provides a joint coordination mechanism, designed to ensure that the needs of refugees and host communities are addressed in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. The support seeks to improve conditions for refugees as part of the EU’s comprehensive approach to addressing the refugee crisis inside and outside the EU.

Synergy to participate in the Third Judicial Dialogue “Improving Judicial Efficiency in Africa” in Tanzania

Synergy International Systems will participate in the Third Judicial Dialogue to be held November 9 -11, 2017, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The event is organized by the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights under the theme, “Improving Judicial Efficiency in Africa.”

The conference will serve as a platform for over 150 delegates from AU member states to discuss ways to strengthen the rule of law in the continent. The participants will be able to network and share their experience on how to effectively overcome the challenges of the justice sector and enhance judicial efficiency in Africa.

Based on the unique experience of implementing national level Case Management Systems (CMS), Synergy representatives will speak about the risk factors involved in implementing Judicial Information System. Referencing his experience implementing the Integrated Electronic Case Management System (IECMS) in Rwanda, Synergy’s CMS expert, Mr. Khachatur Matevosyan, will address the challenges associated with various aspects of judicial information systems, including technology selection, implementation approaches, capacity constraints, public awareness, and local ownership.

About Synergy CMS

Synergy CMS is an end-to-end software technology solution specifically designed to meet justice sector needs. Synergy CMS automates the work of justice sector institutions, replacing paper-based systems and enabling the free flow of information between justice sector agencies.

In July 2017, the Rwanda IECMS, based on Synergy CMS, was named a 2017 Top Ten Court Technology Solution at the joint conference for the National Association for Court Managers and the International Association for Court Administrators in Washington, DC. It also received the 2016 African Innovative Management Award at the 37th Roundtable Conference of the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM).

Synergy’s technology has been recognized by Gartner, the leading IT market research firm, as a representative vendor in its 2017 Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA).

Synergy Indicata in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA)

Once again Gartner has included Synergy International Systems, Inc. with its Synergy Indicata Monitoring & Evaluation Software in the 2017 Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA).

EBPA is a new direction defined by Gartner as “the discipline of business modeling aimed at transforming and improving business performance with an emphasis on cross-viewpoint, cross-function analysis, and strategic and operational decision support.”

In the context of total digitalization and the ever-accelerating pace of business, EBPA tools are meant to help enterprise architects (EA) and technology innovation (TI) leaders transform performance and outcomes through business and process modeling.

Gartner has roughly segmented the EBPA market along four use cases, each with its own stakeholders, roles, objectives and related features and functionality:

1. Supporting Decisions by Linking Strategy to Execution
2. Improving Processes by Process Modeling and Analysis (BPA)
3. Assessing the Impact of Change by Connecting Process Models with Enterprise Architecture.
4. Modeling and Preparing Business Processes for Process Automation

While addressing all of them, Synergy’s Indicata focuses primarily on the Strategy to Execution use case. The Market Guide details, “Through the combination of its strategy execution, monitoring and evaluation, case management, PPM, analytics, and reporting, Indicata is making its way to extend its reach beyond the strategy to execution use case of EBPA into the emerging BOS category.”

This is the third time that Synergy Indicata has been recommended and included in Gartner’s Market Guides. Initially Gartner had included Synergy Indicata in its 2015 Market Guide for Enterprise Program and Portfolio Management (EPPM) Software and in 2016 Synergy Indicata was selected as one of Representative Vendors in the 2016 Market Guide for Strategy Execution Software.

Rwanda IECMS receives 2017 Top Ten Court Technology Solutions Award

Washington, DC – July 13, 2017 – The Integrated Electronic Case Management System (IECMS) developed for the Government of Rwanda by Synergy received a prestigious 2017 Top Ten Court Technology Solution Award at the 8th International Conference organized by the National Association for Court Management and the International Association for Court Administration in Washington, DC.

The conference theme, “Excellence on a Global Scale”, reflects the commitment of both NACM and IACA to the worldwide improvement of the administration of justice. The conference brings together hundreds of judicial administration professionals, judges and technology companies around the world to network and share the experience on how to effectively overcome the challenges of the justice sector and strengthen the rule of law.

Rwanda’s Minister for Justice – Mr. Johnston Busingye welcomed the recognition, saying the system was designed and developed to match the country’s legal system.
“It is deployed in all courts and prosecutions across Rwanda. All court users access the courts through this system. The recognition validates our work and commits us to double our effort,” he said.

Rwanda IECMS is a sector-wide platform connecting all justice government institutions involved in the provision of justice, including Rwanda National Police, National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA), the Judiciary, Rwanda Correctional Services, and the Civil Litigation Service. It is available nationwide and is utilized by thousands of Rwandans every day, improving access to justice and improving court efficiency. A case study of the IECMS has been published as part of the IACA Journal.

Synergy International Systems has been working on this project since 2015 after being selected by Ministry of Justice through an international competitive bidding.

AGRA’s Case Study at Gartner PPM Summit in London

London, UK – On June 13, 2017, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), a Kenyan-based international development organization presented its case study on the implementation of a corporate web-based strategy execution system at the Gartner PPM Summit held in London.

Ms. Josephine Njau indicated that AGRA, with its portfolio of over 600 grants, needed a tool to collect, aggregate, and report on performance data to measure the achievement of its strategic goals and objectives. The importance of a monitoring tool became even more pivotal after the adoption of a new $500 million, 5-year strategy 2017 – 2021. Ms. Njau described how the tool laid the base for improved monitoring of the performance data and enhanced AGRA’s operational management and strategic decision-making.

The cooperation between AGRA and Synergy International Systems, the provider of Indicata software, started in 2016. AGRA selected Synergy as its solution partner after an international competitive bidding.

Founded in 2006, AGRA is focused on the agriculture value chain from research and development to output markets providing uniquely African solutions to the smallholder farmer. The organization is donor funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, DFiD among others. AGRA operates in 18 African countries together with over 300 implementing partners to transform African agriculture and improve the lives of millions of smallholder farmers on the continent.

Fred Hollows Foundation Presents Indicata Case Study at Gartner PPM Summit

Orlando, FL – On June 5, 2017, the Fred Hollows Foundation, a leading Australian not-for-profit international development organization, presented a case study on its implementation of Synergy Indicata at the Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit in Orlando, Florida.

The Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer Daryn Deiley described how the Foundation is transforming the way it operates to ensure “absolute alignment from strategy all the way to execution,” and how Indicata fits within that strategy framework. Indicata enables the Foundation to manage the lifecycle of all projects and measure performance at all levels, from project outputs to long-term outcomes. Moreover, Mr. Deiley discussed how, with Indicata, the Foundation will be able to perform multi-dimensional evaluation of projects based on results data, financial data, and work completion data.

The Foundation and Tysons-based Synergy International Systems, the provider of Indicata, have been working together since 2016. The Foundation selected Synergy as its solution partner after an international competitive bidding.

The Foundation works to end avoidable blindness around the world and improve the health of Indigenous Australians.

Gartner, the leading IT market-research firm, included Synergy as a representative vendor in its 2016 Market Guide for Strategy Execution Software.