Armenian Energy Exchange (AEX) Platform Anna Sargsyan August 23, 2022

Armenian Energy Exchange (AEX) Platform

About the Project




Energy, Wholesale Electricity Market


Energy Exchange, Market Management System

The Armenian Energy Exchange Market Management System (AEX MMS) was developed for the Government of Armenia via the Settlement Center CJSC (a company owned by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure that acts as an Electricity Market Operator (EMO)). The project was funded by USAID/Armenia, and the prime contractor for the project was Tetra Tech EC, Inc.

  • The Settlement Center CJSC is a company in charge of the calculations of electricity and management of all transactions within the Armenian WEM (Wholesale Energy Market). The AEX MMS is hosted and operated within the Settlement Center.
  • The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure is the government body which oversees the development of utility/energy services provided within the country.
  • USAID/Armenia is the funder of the project through the Market Liberalization and Electricity Trade program (MLET).  The project has the goal of facilitating cross-border energy trade, increasing private investment in the electricity sector, accelerating the transition to clean energy, and making energy markets more efficient and transparent.
  • Tetra Tech EC, Inc is an engineering and consulting firm with specialized expertise in energy market management. Synergy created the AEX via subcontract from Tetra Tech in the framework of the MLET program.