Building Integrated Electronic Case Management System for Papua New Guinea

Synergy International Systems is implementing the Integrated Electronic Case Management System for the Government of Papua New Guinea. Awarded in fall 2018 by the Judiciary of Papua New Guinea and the National Judicial Service, the project is developing a secure and effective Case Management System (CMS) for the Supreme Court, Appeals Court and the National Court in the country.

A delegation of the National Judicial Staff Services from the Papua New Guinea Justice sector, headed by deputy Chief Justice Mr. Ambeng Kandakasi is currently visiting Armenia for a month-long comprehensive training for technical knowledge and skills transfer. Tailored to meet the specific needs and competencies of the client’s staff, these training sessions are crafted to build long-term, local, and sustainable technical capacity.

“Working with Synergy’s experts throughout the training has provided a better insight on the platform and the knowledge-based experience necessary to support justice institutions in electronic case management,” says Mr. Kandakasi.

“The training sessions are enabling us to have a solid understanding of IECMS and its processes, which are very user friendly and are allowing us to modify the system to meet our precise needs,” says Mr. Ian Augerea, Registrar Supreme and National Courts of Papua New Guinea.

“At Synergy we value empowering our clients with technical capacity. This is an integral part of the project development lifecycle at Synergy and greatly contributes to achieving full client ownership and management of the system,” says Dr. Ashot Hovanesian, CEO and Founder of Synergy International Systems.

“As a project, IECMS is very important and critical to the Supreme and National Courts of Papua New Guinea and has the potential to revolutionize court case management, reduce backlog, bring about efficiency, expedite case disposition, and deliver easy access to justice  to our citizens,” says Mr. Kandakasi. “Moreover, IECMS will improve Papua New Guinea’s ranking on ease of doing business,” he adds.

“Synergy has supported government institutions from around the world to successfully move towards putting into action paperless and automated processes in case management and we are levelling our expertise towards generating the IECMS for Papua New Guinea,” adds Dr. Hovanesian.

Once implemented, the IECMS will be significantly advancing the Judicial System in Papua New Guinea and improving its citizens’ access to justice by streamlining the work of justice institutions in managing entire case lifecycles.