Development Effectiveness

Over the past decade, the international community has strongly emphasized the importance of development effectiveness.   From the Paris Declaration to the Accra Agenda for Action, there is a growing movement in favor of focusing on the nationally-led policies, procedures, and information systems to monitor the results of development efforts.

During this period, Synergy has become a thought leader at the intersection of web technology and development effectiveness, particularly  by providing the Development Assistance Database (DAD) in a wide array of contexts, from emerging global players to post-crisis countries.  With about 35 country systems,  DAD is considered the world’s leading Aid Information Management System (AIMS).

Our suite of products for development effectiveness has  evolved in line with the needs of our clients in developing countries.  Today, DAD is a comprehensive government platform for aid tracking, managing for development results, public investment planning, and national budgeting.  This proven technological capacity is complemented by an approach that is client-focused, flexible, and relentlessly focused on viable capacity development and sustainable software products.