Portal Technology

Synergy’s Portal is a comprehensive Web Content Management System that allows organizations and professionals to easily visualize and disseminate information, effectively share knowledge, and creatively engage in collaborative endeavors.

The Portal provides a full range of knowledge management and collaboration services through the posting of key documents, events, press releases, discussion forums, minutes of meetings, points of contact, and other relevant information.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Enhancing Knowledge
    Enables users to actively disseminate information and share knowledge by submitting news, events, documents in different formats, images, or other relevant data.
  • Promoting Collaboration
    Offers users a variety of collaboration tools, including discussion forums, e-voting, chat rooms, and communities of practice.
  • Linking with Information Systems
    Can be linked with other information systems implemented by Synergy enabling users to publish analytical results in the Portal, including reports, charts, or maps.
  • Searching
    Offers users a comprehensive and powerful search engine, including a crawling mechanism to index related sites and Web content. Users can index and search within PDF files referenced in related Web pages.
  • Multilingual Capability
    Provides a multilingual presentation of the user interface, including all text and documents. With just one click, all messages, buttons, and documents may be displayed in other languages.
  • Security & User Management Enables designated administrators to define user viewing/editing/accessing rights, approve data submitted into the Portal, and monitor the integrity of information. Users and user groups can be added, updated and assigned different levels of access rights.