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Development Assistance Database (DAD)

Synergy's Development Assistance Database (DAD) is a comprehensive aid information management system that has been established in more than 35 countries world-wide in collaboration with country governments and UNDP. DAD provides a single web-based system for all donor agencies in a country to report on their development assistance projects, including project funding and results data. This information empowers national governments, development partners and the public to analyze aid flows, harmonize projects with key policy priorities, and manage development funds with greater transparency and accountability.


How can Synergy DAD help you?

Development Assistance Database

Knowing "Who is doing what, when and where?" is one of the central challenges in managing foreign aid. Synergy DAD provides robust aid data through a complete information collection, tracking, analysis and planning toolset, which helps countries to achieve the following objectives:




DAD supports country governments in taking a central role in managing their development assistance. DAD provides a variety of simple ways for donors to submit data (online, offline, mobile and via mass import), enabling countries to coordinate development efforts based on a complete, reliable, and transparent picture of the aid landscape.



Country governments and development partners can assess the alignment of aid projects with national strategies and priorities using DAD's user-friendly analytics and Executive Dashboard modules. Linking aid projects with the government's policy priorities, helps countries and development partners to maintain a common strategic focus.



DAD's GIS mapping features are especially helpful in identifying aid flow patterns, gaps, duplication of efforts, and priority areas. This data enables country governments and development organizations to ensure that funds are allocated to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.


Managing for Results

In addition to funding, DAD can track the results of development projects at various levels (output, outcome, impact, etc.) based on customizable performance frameworks and indicators. By capturing results data from all types of donors and aid countries can make well-informed assessments of development partner effectiveness and value-for-money.


Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Databases work best when they are integrated. DAD systems often exchange data with existing government financial and statistical data systems to ensure that policymakers across government have access to the most accurate data on development assistance. Countries can also provide greater aid transparency in a controlled fashion via an Aid Effectiveness Portal, where reports, charts, maps generated in the DAD can be quickly and easily published online.

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